A repaired boat ready to continue the season!

    A repaired boat ready to continue the season!

    May 29th, 2024

    Photo credit : Patrick Le Lay

    Photo credit : Patrick Le Lay

    After several weeks of repairs, the Class40 is in perfect condition, like new, and even optimized. The mast, rigging, and all electronics have been replaced. Two sailing sessions in Lorient after leaving the shipyard have ensured that all systems are functioning properly.

    Guillaume Pirouelle: "It is a great pleasure to sail on our Class40 again. The last few months have been intense. A big congratulations to the entire team. Thanks to all the partners who make this project possible."



    Recap of the events of the past few months:

    February 22, 2024: The Class40 wins the Caribbean600 with an all-Norman crew: Guillaume Pirouelle, Alexis Loison, Pierrick Letouzé, and Valentin Sipan.

    March 7: While the boat is being transported between the Caribbean and France, with two young sailors on board (Pierrick Letouzé and Noa Geoffroy), it is struck by lightning. The two skippers are rescued by a Panamanian ship and disembark in Panama a few days later, before returning to France.

    March 12: The rescue team recovers the Class40 adrift in the Atlantic Ocean after 5 days of sailing. The team then takes 6 days to bring the Class40 back to port in Guadeloupe.

    [Read the account of the accident and the rescue]

    April 21: The Class40 arrives in Lorient after being transported on a Sevenstar company ship. The work can begin.

    May 29: After several weeks of intense repairs, the Class40 is relaunched!

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